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Victims of relationship violence can obtain legal permanent residence through various laws. When they do, the Citizenship and Immigration Service provides them a “green card” as an identification document to prove they can live and work in the United States permanently. The green card serves as a work permit, too.

Using the stories of five characters, this book explains several ways that domestic abuse victims can obtain a green card. Those fictional victims are Padme, Anakin, Leia, Rey and Maz. Each chapter begins with a brief summary of what happened to them, followed by an explanation of U.S. immigration law. A summary is also included of how the Blandon Law team would help each of these clients win his or her case. This section includes a list of the forms that are used and the documents that we recommend providing as evidence.

The final chapter answers many common questions. The information has been obtained after years of experience. Successful clients include the following:

  •  A woman from England who suffered only one incident of abuse — her husband’s statement that he would deport her if she objected to his being unfaithful
  •  A woman from Germany who was married less than two months
  •  A woman from Sweden whose husband never told him about a prior wife and had a baby with another woman during their marriage

Ms. Blandon has the expertise and creativity to win difficult cases.

First, get yourself to a safe place. Then, read this information. Finally, contact Blandon Law for a private consultation. These convenient meetings or phone calls can be requested through the website. As we have done for many clients, we want to open the door to your success. With proper advice and assistance from experienced immigration attorneys, the most difficult cases can be won. This is not wishful thinking, but rather the voice of experience.

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