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Work Permit & Driver’s License
Generally, a person with a work permit gets a driver’s license. The most popular way to get a work permit/driver’s license is to apply for a Green Card.
Asylum Seekers
Asylum seekers need the best immigration lawyers for advice in Immigration or with the Court. Experience and an honest reputation are key for an approval.
Green Cards & Naturalization
Adjustment of Status gives foreigners a Green Card after an immigration interview in the US. They can get a work permit while waiting and naturalize after.
Provisional Waiver pardons allow the undocumented to get green cards. With an I-212 waiver, persons with deportation orders can also become residents.
Abuse survivors
A VAWA abuse survivor in Court or with Immigration can get an approved I-360, leading to a green card. Violence is also mental, not just physical, harm.
Unite Families
US citizens and residents bring family with petition I-130. Even if consular processing, affidavit of support I-864 and public charge I-944 is needed.