The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) also changed how victims of domestic violence can avoid deportation when facing an Immigration Judge.  If you have been asked to explain why you should not be removed from the United States, it is extremely important that you hire an immigration lawyer, especially one who knows a great deal about VAWA.

One way that you can avoid deportation – and also get legal permanent resident status (LPR) – is through Cancellation of Removal based on VAWA.  When persons become an LPR, a green card is sent to them in the mail.  If you were ever abused by your US  citizen or LPR spouse or parent, you may be able to apply.  Likewise, if you have a child who has been abused by the other US citizen or LPR parent, you may be able to apply.  Even if you later discover that the abuser was not legally married to you because he was still legally married to someone else, you may be eligible to apply.

There are other requirements to being given a green card by an Immigration Judge based on VAWA cancellation of removal.  These include the following:

  • Good moral character
  • Physical presence in the United States

Blandon Law helps clients by helping to organize the documents, gathering information that will help prove the client deserves to win the case, and preparing the client and her witnesses for the Immigration Court hearings.