Blandon_Law_Weston_FL_Relationship_ViolenceThe journey to any immigration goal starts with a first step. Although victims of domestic violence know they need professional advice, they resist contacting the law firm of an immigration attorney. Retelling their horrors seems like an impossible task. Do it.

Green cards may be available to survivors of the abuse, parents of children who have been abused, and parents who have been abused by their adult children.



  •  Wife of US citizen, separated less than two months after marriage, one instance of shaking
  •  Wife of US citizen, no physical harm, but threat that he would have her deported if she did not allow mistress
  •  Wife of US citizen, who stole her passport, broke her belongings and threatened to kill himself if she left
  • Wife of legal permanent resident, who insulted her publicly when she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

For more information about the types of incidents that are considered non-physical abuse, please take a look at the Immigrant Power and Control Wheel, which is available in an English Version and a Spanish Version.

*Rate of approvals, which is based on Jan. – Oct. 2017 period, does not guarantee success on any particular case.