A foreign worker from a qualifying treaty country who is coming to the United States temporarily to work by engaging in trade or investment can obtain an E visa.  Similarly, a foreigner who is an executive or manager in a multinational can expand the company in the United States with an L visa.

Owners and employees who wish to conduct trade after coming to the U.S. enter as E-1 foreigners.  The trade must be between the United States and a foreign country with which a trade treaty exists. Trade includes exchange of goods or services and is not limited to exchange of tangible items. Examples of qualifying services are: advertising, accounting, data processing, engineering and design, business consulting and law firm services. The initial period of stay is two years, but can be extended for an indefinite period.

Investors who will be supervising a major business investment in the United States enter as an E-2 foreign worker.  They must have a key role in a business that has made an actual, substantial and irrevocable investment of funds in the U.S. and that will create work opportunities for Americans. The initial temporary period of stay for this work visa is two years, but it can be extended for an indefinite period. This visa is an excellent choice for a foreign worker who is investing in an existing company.  It is not a good option for someone who only intends to invest after the visa is granted.