Blandon_Law_Weston_FL_IndivualsImmigration attorneys at Blandon Law based in Weston, Florida know that few ideas are as romantic to immigrants – children and parents alike — as the lone stranger travelling to Florida, California, Texas, Illinois or New York in search of a better life. After a few years, some want to make the United States their home and contribute to their communities in meaningful ways, as investors, entrepreneurs, workers, and students.

At Blandon Law, we seek to make that goal a success. Thanks to executive actions and new interpretations of the immigration laws, more individuals are able to obtain work permits and travel documents. When cases are difficult, they hire the Blandon Law immigration experts to not only help organize documents, but also prepare a legal explanation for Citizenship and Immigration Service or an Immigration Judge. This document clarifies why, based on the law, our client should win the immigration benefit they are seeking.

Visas are available to students, workers, and visitors. The visa is the document that is printed into a foreigner’s passport. Once they enter the United States, they have status in that category. For example, a temporary worker may obtain an H-1B (professional worker) or L-1A (executive or manager) visa. At the border on arrival, Immigration will let them know for how long they may remain in the United States with that status. If the visa denial rate at a U.S. embassy in a particular country is high, a foreigner may not wish to travel to her home country to get a visa. In that case, Blandon Law will file a Change of Status application with Immigration.

Investors and business owners can obtain either a visa for a temporary stay or legal permanent residency based on a range of programs. Legal permanent residents may apply for citizenship through a program known as naturalization within three or five years after the date they receive residency.

In addition to helping with each immigration benefit — such as provisional waiver, work permit, visa, green card, or citizenship through naturalization — Broward County-based Blandon Law attorneys also provide additional services which are of high value to our clients.