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Caring About People

Welcome to the Convenience of Virtual Immigration

The ongoing partnership between client and attorney, in an “in the cloud” virtual law firm, puts Blandon Law’s clients ahead of other applicants.  Our team provides your family with a better future. Not only do we build a close relationship with our clients but also, we get to know them as people instead of cases. We build trust by aiding through the tough situations a newcomer will find in this country. Blandon Law is the immigration firm for those who want and value a relationship with advisors.

Let us serve as your guide through important decisions. The fast technology allows efficiency while providing information and results faster. Blandon Law has over 20 years of experience, providing advice for thousands of families, and we have obtained almost 100 percent approvals in Violence Against Women Act cases. Blandon Law will not accept a client unless we believe we can win their case.  Still, no ethical attorney will guarantee a result.

Our founding attorney is qualified as a Board-certified Immigration Expert and earned the title of SuperLawyer. Most of our clients are referred by word of mouth.  No flashy billboards or loud radio commercials.  Instead, a family member or friend saying, “Call Blandon Law.”

Employment Authorizations Approved*
Naturalization Applications Filed
VAWA Cases Filed
Asylum Cases Filed

*Our approval rates are over 90% for most cases because we carefully select who can become a Blandon Law client.  Naturalization and Violence Against Women Act 9(VAWA) cases have an almost 100% approval rate.  Over 90% of our asylum cases are approved. These statements are not a guarantee. Every case is different. These statistics are approximate.

Widely known and popular

Regularly Featured in Media

Ms. Blandon is well known for providing news about the daily changes in immigration, not only to her clients but also to other lawyers.  She is often invited as a guest speaker at national immigration law conferences. Ms. Blandon has received just about every honor possible in the field:  Uniting she is an immigration SuperLawyer® and was nominated by the Florida association of attorneys as Chairperson of the IMMIGRATION EXPERTS’ Committee for her state.  Not everyone can hire a top lawyer, but Blandon Law clients do.

Frequently in the News and on Radio and TV

Honors and Awards

So many people can’t be wrong

5 Stars Reviews on All Services We Provide

The valuable relationship with our team begins with a suggestion, “Call Blandon Law.”  For an extension of a visa. For asylum. For relief from deportation in Immigration Court. For a green card. For support with VAWA. For citizenship through naturalization. Many recommend us because of our high rate of approvals, our results. We listen with care and speak with respect. Look us up for yourself. Blandon Law, and our founding attorney, have been featured in The New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, and other international media.

God could not have chosen for me a better lawyer than Ms. Blandon, THE BEST, to help me win my case. Thanks to Ms. Blandon and her team for such an AMAZING job. They kept me up to date with EVERYTHING throughout the process and in the end was VICTORIOUS!!!! I'll be forever grateful. THANK YOU.
Excellent VAWA Lawyer
Cheryl - September 2014
Elizabeth Blandon and her lawyers were instrumental in my obtaining legal residency through family sponsorship. They worked diligently in all aspects of my case. I am very pleased with the outcome of my case. They were professional and persistent. Always kept me informed. I highly recommend Blandon Law.
Excellent for Residency
Jaime - August 2017
…. Elizabeth Blandon helped me do all the paperwork I needed to renew my investor visa (E2). …  she told me that I had the potential to become a permanent resident by getting an EB1 Visa – Extraordinary Ability. She assured me that I had the skills required for this type of visa.. we finally got our permanent residency approved by the government of USA.
Extraordinary Ability Green Card
Alfonso - April 2016
We are grateful for the professionalism, courtesy, and efficiency of Elizabeth Blandon and her team. May our Lord continue to bless their work. Sister Lidia Valli and Sisters of St. J. B. Cottolengo
Blessings from the Nuns
Sister Lidia Valli – August 2019
What we do

Our Services

Immigration cases can take years to process. Thus, when we accept a client and their family members, we become their counselors for a long time.  we connect our clients to a professional network of accountants, divorce lawyers, real estate professionals, real estate lawyers, therapists, and financial advisors.  The success of our clients becomes our success.

Abuse survivors
A VAWA abuse survivor in Court or with Immigration can get an approved I-360, leading to a Green Card. Violence is also mental, not just physical, harm.
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Asylum Seekers
Asylum seekers need the best immigration lawyers for advice in Immigration or Court. Experience and an honest reputation are key for an approval.
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Green Cards & Naturalization
Adjustment of Status gives foreigners a Green Card after an immigration interview in US.  Get a work permit while waiting and naturalize after.
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Provisional Waiver pardons allow the undocumented to get Green Cards. With an I-212 waiver, persons with deportation orders can also become residents.
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Unite Families
US citizens and residents bring family members but petition I-130 is only the first step. Help with affidavit of support I-864 and public charge is needed.
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Work Permit & Driver’s License
Generally, a person with a work permit gets a driver’s license. The most popular way to get a work permit/driver’s license is to apply for a Green Card.
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Step into The future

A Virtual Immigration Law Firm is Best

The future of the legal profession is at Blandon Law.  Your attorney on your phone or computer. The systems we have developed over two decades help you present your case faster, easier and for less money. These systems include constant access to our team and the ability to provide us with everything.

Polished furniture vs. Client Care

Our attorneys do not rely on polished furniture and pretty views to impress clients. We do that with the warmth of our compassion, our listening to their concerns, and our authentic joy at receiving approvals. Not every person can be a Blandon Law client, but we care about the ones who are.

Flat fees

Because activities are carried out online, virtual law firms have fewer fixed costs. These savings are passed on by setting a flat fee. Whether a client calls 5 times or provides 100 pages to review, the legal fee is the same.

Ask the attorney 24/7

With our client portal, send messages to the attorney any time of day. Our live operators answer the phone around the clock.

Save time and money

No travel or parking costs; no waiting rooms.  Conferences are as simple as agreeing to a set time and date.  No writing a check to the government, or buying a money order, and waiting for it to be cashed.  Payments are online from the comfort of your couch.