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Best-Tips-to-Win-Green-Cards-Through-Asylum-sYou’ve arrived in the United States. You know you can’t return to your home country, but you are unsure how to go about staying here. You don’t have work authorization and you may not have a driver’s license. At this point, though, you are just glad to be safe. You have few (or no) family members in the United States and want desperately to win your asylum case so you can get a green card. However, you don’t know whom you can trust. And it seems that the more questions you have, the more confused you become with all the different responses you receive. One thing you know for certain: you can’t afford to lose your case because then you’ll risk returning to where you came from.


You are still in your home country and realize you can’t stay. Life has become unbearable. Those like you and those you know have been fired or harmed. If others knew everything about you, you might be killed. What is worse – the police will not protect you. The idea of fleeing to the United States calls like a whistle through the fog. Filing for asylum will allow you to stay and work there legally. Everyone on the Internet, however, seems to have a different answer to your simple questions. One thing you know for certain: when you arrive in the United States, you can’t risk returning to where you came from.

This book answers many of your questions. The information has been obtained after years of experience. Successful asylum clients include the following:

  • A woman from Texas who escaped domestic violence in Iran
  • A woman from Wyoming who escaped an “honor killing” in Turkey
  • A man from Florida who escaped religious-based death threats in

Ms. Blandon has the expertise and creativity to win difficult cases. Although there is a one-year deadline for filing asylum, Blandon Law has won cases despite filing years later. A Honduran man from New York filed asylum four years after entering the U.S. A Colombian woman filed asylum 15 years after being carried over the border as an infant in the arms of her mother.Both were successful.

Because you can’t return, read this information and then contact Blandon Law for a private conference. As we have done for many clients, we want to open the door to your success. With proper advice and assistance from experienced immigration attorneys, the most difficult cases can be won. This is not wishful thinking, but rather the voice of experience.
This book is exclusively about how foreigners IN THE UNITED STATES can obtain asylum. Information on how foreigners can obtain refugee status and benefits is available at

Final Note: For ease of reference, I use the pronoun “she” throughout this book to refer to an asylum applicant, rather than “they” or “he.” Although international treaties use the male pronoun, women make up the majority of the population.

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