Blandon_Law_immigration-AsylumThe immigration attorneys at the Weston-based Blandon Law have earned an international reputation for helping asylum applicants to obtain legal permanent residency and green card (GC). Our lawyers travel throughout the USA to Asylum Office interviews and Immigration Court hearings.

Legal permanent residency based on asylum is not based on the country of the applicant. A similar form of safety – Temporary Protected Status – is given to applicants only of certain countries, but such is not the case with asylum. In fact, Blandon Law attorneys have won asylum for immigration clients who are citizens of European countries.

Instead, asylum is granted to foreign nationals who can demonstrate that they have been harmed (or will be harmed if returned) on account of one of five protected grounds. These are race, religion, nationality, political opinion, or membership in a particular social group.

Race, religion and nationality are almost self-explanatory. Member countries of the United Nations have agreed to protect those who are harmed on account of these grounds. An example would be Jewish persons who are killed, tortured, or abused in countries with high rates of anti-Semitism. It does not matter if the foreign national converts to Judaism after arriving in the United States.

Political opinion is a belief relating to any policy of the government. Persons who may be harmed because they oppose the government in their homeland would be wise to apply for asylum. The most interesting category is winning legal permanent residency because the foreign nationals are members of a particular social group (PSG).

Persons that have received asylum as members of PSGs include the following:

  • Homosexuals, transgender, questioning
  • Family members, such as widows
  • Former child soldiers
  • Persons with disabilities
  • Street children
  • Honduran street children
  • Persons who are HIV positive
  • Students
  • Former members of the national police

Blandon Law specializes in helping women to obtain asylum as members of a distinct sub-group. Although the main office is in Weston, Florida, we represent immigration clients from California to Texas to New York, getting them green cards because they can be considered as:

  • Unmarried women who have been subjected to arranged marriages and who oppose such practices
  • Young, Westernized, educated, Muslim women who voice their political opinion
  • Abused women who are viewed in society as the property of their boyfriends or husbands
  • Women who have escaped involuntary servitude after being abducted by terrorists
  • Young women who have not been subjected to female genital mutilation and who oppose the practice
  • Married women who have contracted HIV, who fear their families will disown them or force them to get a divorce, and who wish to or need to be employed

Blandon Law attorneys in Broward County, Florida have over 20 years of combined experience helping asylum applicants all over the USA and abroad to win, even after a denial by the Asylum Office or Immigration Court. We are also the Chairperson of the Asylum Committee for all three counties for the South Florida chapter of the American Immigration Lawyers Association.