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The immigration and asylum law firm of Blandon Law in Weston, Broward County, south Florida, is dedicated to helping clients through the U.S. immigration process. Blandon Law has successfully represented many immigration clients living throughout the world. We attend interviews throughout the United States advocating for citizens of from over 80 countries including Venezuela, El Salvador, Honduras, Mexico, Guatemala, Yemen, Syria, Lebanon, India, Iraq, Turkey, and Ukraine.

The immigration lawyers and legal staff of Blandon Law in Weston, Florida, care about people, provide high-level and quality services, and get results for their clients. We provide the most up-to-date expertise because Blandon Law concentrates exclusively on immigration, naturalization and consular law matters.

Blandon Law offers knowledgeable assistance to individuals, families, employers and companies with immigration, naturalization and consular needs. We handle matters before the Citizenship and Immigration Service (CIS, formerly INS), the Asylum Office, the Immigration Court, and the Board of Immigration Appeals. The immigration lawyers and support staff at Blandon Law are dedicated to the concerns of our clients: whether speaking your preferred language (English, Spanish or French), simplifying the immigration process through detailed consultations, or providing long-distance support. We recognize these decisions are among the most important faced by individuals, families and employers, and commit ourselves whole-heartedly to the success of each case.

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The-Abuse-Victims-Best-Guide-to-a-Green-Card Victims of relationship violence can obtain legal permanent residence through various laws that allow them to live and work in the US. eBook: The Abuse Victim’s Best Guide to a Green Card  By Elizabeth R. Blandon, Esq.

Best-Tips-to-Win-Green-Cards-Through-Asylum-s You’ve arrived in the USA. You know you can’t return to your home country, but you are unsure how to go about staying here. eBook: Best Tips to Win Green Cards Through Asylum By Elizabeth R. Blandon, Esq.

provisional-waiver-handbook-blandon-law-flHow many years have you waited? How many years have you spent in the United States, supporting your family and working hard, waiting …  eBook:  Provisional Waiver Handbook  By Elizabeth R. Blandon, Esq.

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Amnesty Trump Card: New Program Helps Undocumented Foreigners Get Green Cards

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